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About Me.

A seasoned executive of core Internet infrastructure with experience in board and general management, product management, marketing, operations, business development and strategic planning. Demonstrated success managing the design and deployment of Internet products. Expertise in developing and implementing marketing programs for core technologies, leveraging existing platforms to expand company products and services including optimizing sales efforts. Continuing participation in industry groups, supporting entrepreneurs, and advisory groups.


Professional Experience

2010 – current

Addrex, Inc. – Reston, VA  Executive Vice-President
Marketplace focused on the transfer market for IPv4 number blocks.
• Managed entire company including sales team, marketing functions, client
management, and IPv4 ransactions.
• Served as member of board of directors.

2007 – 2010

Consultant – Ashburn, VA Independent Projects
Independent consulting practices supporting a variety of customers with on-shore
and offshore resources. Supported large Internet companies with a variety of
custom web solutions. Resources included team of >80 offshore resources based in
Russia, India, and China.

• Established and maintained content management systems for publishers.
• Managed content and relationships for event search engine.
• Variety of custom web development projects and associated online marketing

Vice-President, Seva Procurement (Great Falls, VA)
Early stage company focused on supply chain analytics and group purchasing to
aid independent hospitality and restaurants to save money through data visibility,
efficiencies, and optimization.
• Lead corporate product strategy for core offering including technology.
• Managed CRM, web presence, and custom data applications.
• Pioneered data management and analytics for this market segment.

Executive, Local Shopping Concept (Philadelphia, PA)
Start-up out of Wharton (Winner of the Wharton Venture Award) focused on
comparison-shopping for web browsers and mobile devices. Created initial
prototype, assisted in fundraising, and building initial team.
• Lead corporate product strategy and concept innovation.
• Managed on-shore and offshore development (India) assets.
• Established early business relationships and corporate development.

Executive, Conference Event Concept (Redwood City, CA / New York, NY)
Early stage company focused on event conferences providing web presence, social
media, and advertising. Created new corporate strategy around lead generation
business for conferences.
• Managed on-shore (East Coast) and offshore (India) contracted resources.
• Re-worked business model and processes to support selling tickets for events.
• Assisted in fundraising activities.

2007 – 2008

Pseuds, Inc. – Herndon, VA  Vice-President, Products
Early-stage company focused around next generation marketing to end-users.
Concept focused on protecting users privacy in social media and increasing
relevance for marketers through persona marketing.
• Established and managed product team including creative, marketing,
development and operations. Managed offshore resources (Russia).
• Added key hires creating studio focused on design and user experiences.
• Supported sales and business development efforts.
• Created product process including; ideation, execution on plan, and
commitment to deployable web products.
• Supported corporate strategy and intellectual property.

2003 – 2007

VeriSign, Inc. – Dulles, VA Senior Product Director and Business Development
Founding management of the Real-Time Publisher Services group within VeriSign
Information Services. VeriSign acquired multiple businesses to create internal
advertising and content aggregation business.
• Lead acquisition integration of the web 2.0 business in VeriSign.
• Managed web 2.0 products that grew from $6MM to $10MM+ in 1 year.
• Grew traffic from less than 500k per day to over 6M in less than a year.
• Innovated in online advertising and next generation products.
• Pioneered OpenID and advanced identity products.
• Managed development and operations efforts for business unit.

Senior Marketing Manager
Supported the Strategy & Marketing group in Naming and Directory Services,
pursuing new emerging technologies and future growth initiatives. Core focus
supported marketing requirements for new products.

• Since 2003 has supported in excess of $300MM in revenue through several high
profile proposals including successful bids for the EPC Global RFID Root and
retaining the .NET top-level domain contract with ICANN.

• Worked in Cross-Divisional team to invent Digital Content Services (DCS) an
Internet based rights managed video service.

2001 – 2003

Neustar, Inc. / Neulevel – Dulles, VA  Director & Chief Architect
Directed the design and on-time implementation of the .biz & .us global domain
registry and resolution platforms, managed $30MM project with over 300
developers. Drove creation of Digital Identity services and developed long-term
technical strategy, resulting in establishment of Growth group to pursue advanced
products and new lines of business. Served as chief technical liaison for business
proposals and product planning.
• Oversaw architecture and creation of new Internet infrastructure.
• Created Directory Services strategy and managed development and design
for growth initiatives.
• Business Development initiatives for new registry applications to include: IP
numbering products, ENUM, Digital Identity, and Registry Products.
• Represented company on Whitehouse sponsored Presidents committee on
Internet and Security. Participated in Liberty Alliance Project building
NeuLiberty Products.

1996 – 2001

VeriSign / Network Solutions, Inc. / SAIC / InterNIC – Herndon, VA
Held several vital roles through a five-year period of exponential Internet
growth. Began with the network registration group (ARIN) in the InterNIC,
expanded to engineering, then system design in various teams shaping and
evolving core Internet Infrastructure. Led company in hardware and systems
R&D including advanced databases, load balancing, massively scalable systems,
cloud services, and high-performance enterprise storage systems. Provided
technical guidance on business development opportunities created by market
changes and government regulation.

Director of Systems Research
• Managed technical group responsible for systems research and advanced
directory services.
• Worked with vendors to stay abreast of technology six months to two years
from release.
Manager of Infrastructure
• Managed group who created and specified system infrastructure.
• Investigated new technology for introduction into existing enterprise.



Quantic School of Business and Technology, Executive Masters of Business


VeriSign Executive Training and Pragmatic Institute Marketing and Product

1993 – 1997

George Mason University – Fairfax, Virginia

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